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Winner of ARC Awards 2020 (the MerComm Annual Report Competition)

The Annual Report has been rewarded Honors in the International ARC Awards (the MerComm Annual Report Competition)2020 in the Disabilities Advocate/Assistance category. More information: Fu Hong Society Annual Report 2018/19

Thanks for Milk X interviewed us from looking at the brand design of DAMA at K11 Musea.

DAMA AT K11 MUSEA text betty DAMA普通話音讀意指「大媽」·創辦人認為大媽不必是蠻不講理,令人討厭的老土年長女士反之她們性格其都可以是直率親切·喜歡發掘新奇特別健康食物給親朋好友的義氣女漢子·DAMA在K11的新店面找來 VINCDESIGN的創辦人 VINCE CHEUNG來設計「當我聽到這個概念是也覺得很有挑戰性·但聽他們解釋過理念之後·發現其實大媽這個虛擬影像很適合用來包装新派健康素食店·K11 MUSEA是一個恍如博物館的商場·所以DAMA在店铺設計方面也花了很多時間·「我們希望店內的装潢杯子·裝飾牆壁等都是素食版的藝術品·希望可以改變外界素食是悶蛋的感覺·素食也可以很好味色彩可以很鮮艷吸引。他也活用「大媽」無視外間看法的形象融入店铺後·變成一個瘋狂追求健康素食·但同時對着美味程度有極高要求的大媽·所以LOGO上的大媽頭上頂着很多蔬菜和水果·突出的一張嘴唇就代表着對食物水準的追求。 #DAMA

World Brand Design Society

We're excited to have our work featured in World Brand Design Society today.… World Brand Design Society

Muse Creative Awards 2019 – Énorme

We are very honoured that our branding design for Énorme won the Platinum & Gold Awards for Branding & Logo Design in the Muse Creative Awards 2019.  Énorme is a Hong Kong brand focuses on luxury custom-made jewellery. The brand brings nature's greatness to its products, and show to their customers. The blue whale, cast [...]

Milk Magazine《SIDE C: WORK OUT》A-Z & 0-9

Thank you Milk Magazine for the invitation to take part in this project.

Communication Arts Typography 2019 – Lane House 邻舍

We were very honoured to be awarded the winner in the Communication Arts Typography 2019 for the typography design of Lane House 邻舍. Lane House is a design hotel in Beihai, Guangxi Province, located at the foot of Guantouling National Forest Park. The hotel is reconstructed from the local old village house, combines both old [...]

IDA Design Awards – Ok Care

Our branding design for Ok Care has been awarded at the 11th IDA Design Awards. Ok Care is a mobile application dedicated for matching integrated home-visit medical services between caregivers and clients. With Ok Care, you can easily find the suitable physiotherapy, nursing and psychotherapy services. Award details: Internation Design Awards


VINCDESIGN FOR Cana Rice 2016 CREATIVITY INTERNATIONAL BRONZE AWARD WINNER. CATEGORY: PROFESSIONAL FOOD & BEVERAGE PACKAGING Hundreds of entries came from 40 countries, 2 Canadian Provinces and 25 U.S. States. 60% of this year’s entries won an award reflecting the excellent design submitted – the judges were overall extremely impressed. The awards break down like this – Platinum [...]

We were honored to be featured in APPortfolio: EMERGING CREATIVITY IN ASIA

Vince Cheung @ Vincdesign 入選亞洲青年創作集錄


We have been awarded the Platinum Award Winner in the 2013 Creativity International Awards in the category: Logos & Trademarks.