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Grand Award of the Year at the HKDA Hong Kong Designers Association Brand Design Awards 2023

We are pleased to announce that our partner, Farmacy HK, has been awarded the Grand Award of the Year at the HKDA Hong Kong Designers [...]

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Winner | DFA Awards 2022 – Communication Design

Winner | DFA Awards 2022 – Communication Design | Merit Award Jockey Club Contemporary Art Literacy and Appreciation ProgrammeVincdesign | Hong Kong TAKE YOUR TIME [...]

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Winners – The HKDA Global Design Awards 2021

We are delighted to announce that our projects, Prescription of filmic prescription for the socially distanced &《讓希望催促自己趕路 99個故事 99種生活態度》視覺文本創作 have been awarded with the HKDA Global Design Awards 2021.

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Vince participates at RTHK programme “Free as the Wind” about the Value of Branding.

From corporation to individual, merchandise to social identity, branding is a huge topic. Vince talks about the story, design and value of branding at RTHK [...]

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As a creative agency based in Hong Kong, VincDesign offers a range of design services, including branding design, graphic design, web design, and packaging design. They specialize in creating visual identities, commercial design services, website design, logo design, digital graphics, and packaging design, covering a variety of package designs such as food, tea, product, box, interior, and coffee.

Their work has been recognized in prestigious competitions like Communication Arts, International Design Award, Creativity International Awards, and Muse Creative Awards.

Branding design is a crucial component of marketing and design, encompassing several related concepts such as graphic design, logo design, marketing, advertising, and brand management. Corporate identity and visual identity are important semantic keywords associated with branding design that represent the visual and messaging elements of a company, including logos, colors, and typography.

Brand identity is a broader term that encompasses all aspects of a company’s image and reputation, while brand guidelines ensure consistency in branding across different platforms. Brand strategy outlines how a company creates, communicates, and maintains its brand over time, emphasizing the need for a strong and recognizable brand that resonates with the target audience.