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Vince participates at RTHK programme “Free as the Wind” about the Value of Branding.

From corporation to individual, merchandise to social identity, branding is a huge topic. Vince talks about the story, design and value of branding at RTHK [...]

Winners — Topawards Asia in 2021 | Package Design

We’re thrilled to end the year announcing a fantastic winning of Topawards Asia for our work package design - DAMA SECOND LIFE (Recyclable Spout Bag). [...]

Sunday Report Interview – Bring Sustainability to Branding Design

Upon the passage of the Municipal Solid Waste Charging Scheme, Vince Cheung was invited to the Sunday Report TV documentary to share his views on [...]

International Design Awards (IDA) 2020

We are delighted to announce that our projects, DAMA Rebranding & Enorme Branding Design have been awarded with the IDA Awards 2020.

VincDesign is a Hong Kong branding design agency specialising in branding design service, visual identities, commercial design services, website design, logo design, graphic design, digital graphics, packaging design and packaging. Package design covers food package design, tea package design, product package design, box package design, interior package design, coffee package design, etc.

Its work has been awarded in various competitions including Communication Arts, International Design Award, Creativity International Awards and Muse Creative Awards.

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